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Sarongs - The Immortal and Undisputed King and Queen of Fashion

Did you know that Sarongs have been worn for over 5000 years?! And most likely much longer than that! As the quintessential garment and the reigning king and queen of the fashion world, sarongs have been gracing the human body for ions and will continue to do so for all time. Since the earliest time, sarongs have been an indispensable friend to humanity.  Over the ages, sarongs have been utilized popularly in hotter climates as protection from the elements, shelter from the sun, reprise from prying eyes, keeping cool natures way, high fashion for weddings and important ceremonies, and comfort and security for all ages and genders throughout Southeast Asia and now the world. As the years passed, sarongs have become more prevalent throughout the world. Originating in India, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Polynesia, Micronesia, Africa and now to countries like the USA, UK, Brazil, Caribean, Canada, Mexico, Europe and even China. Today, sarongs have evolved into a must-have fashion accessory with a myriad of uses, designs and styles.

Bechkam Sarong - Real Men Wear Sarongs
Balinese Beauty in Silk Batik Sarong

Some of you already know this and some are new to sarongs, either way, 1 World Sarongs has some of the nicest sarongs on the planet (don't take our word for it). All handmade on the paradise island of Bali. Grab them for yourself and your friends and family. Guy or Gal or Kid, works for everyone!  Plus, they make awesome gifts! Not just slow fashion, but timeless fashion too! A must-have for all ages and all the ages!

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Inspired to share sarong photos from our collection: Historical Sarongs, Fashionable Sarongs, Cultural Sarongs, Societal, Comical, Etc.

We should also mention that sarongs go by many different names.  Sarongs are known in some parts of Africa as a Kanga, India is Lungi, Hawaii - Lava Lava, France, Tahiti and other parts of Polynesia and Micronesia it's called a Pareo or Pareau. Other spellings of sarong: sirung, sorong, sirong, sarong. It wouldn't be a big leap to say that the word sarong is related to sari? The sari and the sarong are both long pieces of cloth that you wrap yourself with.

Sarongs Famous and Infamous In the Media (Johnny Depp and Kim Kardashian have Sarongs in Common LOL)

Customers wearing sarongs and decorating with sarongs etc etc etc infinity:

Bali Sarong Party at the Beach in Kuta Bali:

Sarong Accessories etc:

Loads more images with no particular order.  It's sarong chaos!

You made it to the end! 

Some funny sarong sayings:

What's so wrong about a sarong?

It's sarong, but it's so right!

Got any sarong sayings? What's sarong with you? Leave them in the comments!  Cheers!

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