Friday, September 10, 2010

Sarongs for Men

Men in Sarong
Did you know that sarongs have been worn around the world by men for centuries? Believe it or not, men have worn sarong-like garments throughout the ages. For instance, kilts have been worn in Scotland and Ireland for hundreds of years also known as skirts for men. The Roman soldiers wore skirt-like garments into battle and the citizens adorned themselves with sarong-like wraps called “togas”. Polynesian men have worn sarongs for centuries, calling them pareos or lava lava’s or sulus. Today, we find it unusual to see a man in the West wearing a sarong, but in reality, men wear sarongs daily buy the millions around the world. Here in the West in countries like the U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia and Europe, men are discovering that the sarong is the ultimate mens fashion apparel.

However, there are a lot of stigmas about men wearing sarongs in the media. When it comes to fashion for men, men are programmed from an early age that guys aren’t supposed to wear sarongs or skirts. Sarongs are for women and you’re less of a man if you put on a sarong. Well that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact it takes more of a man to wear a sarong and to stand up to any ridicule one may encounter. Guys who wear sarongs are stronger and more independent than men who are fearful of what others may think. So be a man, grab your sarong and be free!

As a man wearing a sarong you have the right to:
  • Freedom of movement
  • Comfort
  • Manliness
Men who wear sarongs will tell you that sarongs are the most comfortable garment a guy can wear. Women will tell you that a man in a sarong is extremely sexy, to put it mildly. Plus, it makes sense for a man to wear a sarong. Just think about it, when it comes to men clothing, men have a lot more anatomy in certain places and a need to have some freedom without restriction if you catch our drift ;-)

Sarongs are perfect in hotter temperatures as well. That's why you'll see men wearing sarongs throughout most of Southeast Asia and Polynesia, where sarongs are worn by men as their daily attire. At 1 World Sarongs you'll find great quality sarongs for men at great prices with lots of designs to choose from. Sarongs have been worn by men for centuries, don't be fooled by the mass media and social programming, men’s sarongs are the ultimate fashion garment or beach wear for a guy today. Be a part of the men’s sarong revolution and get your sarong on!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Congratulations to Our Photo Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Kristi on winning our 1 World Sarong photo contest.

“I host an annual luau to which everyone comes dressed in Hawaiian garb, we eat Hawaiian food, listen to luau music, etc. I recently had a large luau at my house (70-75 people) and I wore a sarong from It was lovely and comfortable.”

If you would like a chance to win 5 FREE SARONGS just Wrap, Pose, Submit!

1 World Sarongs Featured in First for Women Magazine

Cover-ups That Make You Happy! Check out our lovely sarongs featured in First for Women Magazine August
16th, 2010 edition.
It is great to see sarongs growing in popularity and becoming a fashion
staple for the beach. Even movie stars like Denise Richards won't go to the
beach without a sarong now.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Red Sarongs and Aston Martin Giveaway

1 World Sarongs supplied our Embroidered Red Sarongs for the Aston Martin give away contest at the Horseshoe Casino in Mississippi. The whole idea was to have the ladies wear our Embroidered Red Sarongs, but one of the sarongs had the words Aston Martin hidden in it. The contestants would then have to choose the lady with the Aston Martin sarong in order to win the car. This was a fun and unique way to give away a luxury car using sarongs!

beautiful models and a free Aston Martin...

Perfect combination for cruising to the beach :-)

Friday, July 2, 2010

How to Protect Yourself from Viruses - Trojans - Malwares etc.

Greetings Friends,


We all use our computers to go onto the web for research. Harmless right?  Wrong!


The other day when searching for how to train a dog,  a malicious software attached itself to my computer.  This malicious software, virus or malware whatever they are calling it, immediately corrupted my computer causing it to become unresponsive and unusable within seconds (my avg antivirus program to recognize it but didn’t stop it).  This all happened by simply going to Google…researching how to train a dog and then clicking on what appeared to be a harmless website.   This is my first infected computer in many many years and came as a big surprise.


Without going into too many technical details here’s how to protect yourself from unwanted loss of data and hours and hours of frustration:



Get a good anti-virus program:


I would recommend a program called nod32 by (credit to my buddy Chris for saving me hours of downtime). This program saved me big time.  I was able to remove the hard  drive from my computer attach it to another computer via an external usb drive and then scan it for viruses which it found 20 and then removed them all thanks to Nod32 anti-virus software. Cost is around $50 for two years I believe.


Upgrade to Windows 7 or Vista (Aumonts good recommendation)


Win 7 or Vista have built in “user controls” that ask anytime a program wants to install itself to your computer, thereby limiting your exposure to unwanted software.  Win XP does not.  Cost is ?...  it’s probably over $100 not sure but can find out at


Use a backup software solution and set a back up schedule:


I’m using Acronis true image for home which is probably one of the best that I’ve seen and really easy to use as well.  Basically, get a big hard drive, usb external 1tb from

Then back up your data to that drive… making a drive image and boot discs in case you need to recover the hard drive.  Acronis…cost?   An external 1terabyte backup hard drive cost on sale around $80


If you have any questions let me know…


Hope that helps!





Monday, March 29, 2010

Sarong Fabrics: Rayon, Cotton, Polyester or Silk: PART 1 RAYON

We know that having a breathable sarong or clothing fabric in the hotter temperatures is very important. We couldn't agree more. You want to feel relaxed and comfortable in your sarong and clothes from 1 World Sarongs. So let's take a look at our sarong fabric options.

What are the fabric choices for sarongs you may ask? Sarongs come in basically four different fabrics; rayon sarongs, cotton sarongs, polyester sarongs and silk sarongs. We often hear the question, "What is the difference between a rayon sarong, cotton sarong, polyester sarong or a silk sarong?". Before I answer, let me give you a little background about 1 World Sarongs. We are proud to be the #1 supplier of sarongs on the internet. We've had the pleasure of adorning tens of thousands of customers with our beautiful sarongs and clothing over the last ten years while maintaining a 99.9% customer satisfaction rating. We've sold hundreds of thousands of sarongs around the globe; from Papua New Guinea to Puerto Rico, from Hawaii to Mexico. We've shipped our sarongs and clothing pretty much everywhere in the world. Even Alaska! Why would you need a sarong in Alaska is a question we are still trying to figure out?

First, let's take a look at the most popular sarong fabric today, "rayon". Rayon was the first man made fabric invented back in the late 1800's and since has quickly become one of the most popular and versatile fabrics in the world today. Its lasting popularity is due to six main characteristics; touch-ability, breath-ability, drape-ability, dye-ability, durability and cost-ability. Currently, rayon is produced all over the planet from Germany to China and comes from various sources in a variety of forms. For our purpose we are focusing on the rayon made from cellulostic materials or in simple terms “plants and trees”. That's because the vast number of sarongs that are produced in the world are made in Indonesia (population 300 million), where rayon is easily acquired (usually from India).
Sample of Rayon fabric view up close 
It's also where sarongs are the most universal form of clothing and utilized as an all around garment by both men, women and children. Traditionally, Indonesians wore cotton sarongs over the last few centuries. Especially since cotton was grown in Indonesia and it was long lasting and durable. However, with the since rayon has become more available in the market it has become the first choice when manufacturing sarongs and clothing (although most of the higher end batik and machine print batik patterned sarongs are still made from either cotton or silk). Rayon sarongs are less expensive than cotton or silk sarongs, thus making them more attractive for local markets as well as export to overseas destinations. You can find rayon sarongs anywhere from Jamaica to Hawaii, and most are made in Indonesia. But the real reason is that rayon is an amazing fabric that is extremely breathable, has a flowey drape and is durable. Making the perfect fabric for sarongs and summer clothing. Let's listen to what Dr. Smith has to say.

According to Joyce A. Smith Ph.D. at the Ohio State University (see attached document pg 2) …"Rayon's cellulosic base contributes many properties similar to those of cotton or other natural cellulosic fibers. Rayon is moisture absorbent (more so than cotton), breathable, comfortable to wear, and easily dyed in vivid colors. It does not build up static electricity, nor will it pill unless the fabric is made from short, low-twist yarns. Rayon is comfortable, soft to the skin, and has moderate dry strength and abrasion resistance." (

On a more personal note, I've worn rayon sarongs many times in Indonesia and here in the States. I can tell you that rayon is really comfortable and surprisingly breathable. You won't want to put anything else on but your rayon sarong when staying in the hot temps. Especially after coming out of the pool or after a cool shower. Rayon sarongs are extremely nice to wear. Make sure to go for the #1 heavy weight rayon or the "Pertama" collection as we call it. These Pertama sarongs are really smooth to the touch and top quality.

On an environmental note…one of the biggest rayon manufacturers is making rayon more green by recycling the chemicals it uses to make the rayon and using fast growing and renewable resources:

Watch this YouTube video:

An interesting quote about the impact of Lenzing's rayon on the environment:
"Rayon, modal and lyocell are produced from renewable cellulosic plants such as beech trees, pine trees and bamboo. All three fibers are biodegradable. Specifically, Lenzing Viscose and Lenzing Modal are produced from sustainably harvested beech trees and Tencel from sustainably harvested eucalyptus trees. Eucalyptus grows quickly and without irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers or genetic manipulation; it can also be planted on marginal land that cannot be used for food crops. The fiber yield per acre from the trees used in the Lenzing fibers is up to ten times higher than that of cotton. Also, cotton needs up to 20 times more water."

Ultimately, the environmental impact has a lot to do with how we wash our sarongs and clothing. How much water we use, the amount of detergent and the amount of fabric softeners etc.
I think we can say that rayon is a great fabric for sarongs or any clothing for the hotter temps. It is breathable, silky and durable. We've had some of our sarongs over 10 years and they are in great condition with the colors still bright and vivid.

Some people believe cotton is a more breathable fabric than rayon and that rayon feels more like a polyester plastic fabric… but that is far from the truth. In part 2 of Sarongs from Rayon, Cotton, Poly or Silk we'll explore cotton as a fabric choice for sarongs.

By the way I have a picture of me wearing a sarong at Uluwatu temple on the beautiful island of Bali. That day was pretty windy but we had a great time just walking around. The other picture is of me getting a lesson in how to tie a sarong from a local Balinese shop clerk up in Ubud. That was fun!
Ok, up next … Cotton Sarongs.

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