Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Family News


We are very thankful for all of your support. In fact this is our 9th holiday season and at the same time it’s our 1st holiday season with our newest addition. We are thrilled to announce the birth of our little baby Olivia. She is a gorgeous baby girl and was born September 12th 2009 weighing in at a healthy 7 lbs. Olivia is such a sweet darling and is already speaking...her first word was “Aloha”. We think she may even want to join the 1 World Sarongs family biz too…she timed her arrival perfectly…born on a Saturday morning in just a short hours and then she had us back to work by Monday afternoon! We didn’t miss a work day! LOL! Anyway...we are very happy to share the news of our little darling with you.

So cheers to you for being our customer and giving us the opportunity to be of service to you and helping us to provide a living to our families.

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